Museum Banana Day 2021

25/9 we go to Mariefred. There Östra Södermanlands Järnväg is organising the Museum Railway Day. Take the steam train from Mariefred to Taxinge and then the Ejdern from Taxinge back to Mariefred. You can also go in the other direction.


Departure from Borgmästarudden 08:00. Ank Mariefred c:a 11:00.

Avg Mariefred 11.15. Ank Taxinge c:a 11.45.
Avg Taxinge 12.00. Ank Mariefred c:a 12.30.
Avg Mariefred 14.05. Ank Taxingex c:a 14.35.
Avg Taxinge 15.00. Ank Mariefred c:a 15.30.

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