Our supporters

There are many people who like the S/S Ejdern and support her preservation. Our Grand Old Lady requires a lot of care. There are about 30 of us who work voluntarily to keep her in operation. We also receive money for this from our generous members, contributions from the municipality of Södertälje, foundations, associations, the state and companies that sponsor us or contribute with free software licenses. For example:

  • Lindsténs Fastigheter AB, Linköping
  • Steken AB, Enhörna
  • Slottstornet AB, Linköping
  • Begravningskonsulterna AB / Järna Begravningsbyrå
  • Bernt På Alnäs, Vreta kloster
  • Stjärnorps Byalag, Stjärnorp
  • Lars Fränne Konsult AB, Södertälje
  • Järna Bilcentrum AB
  • Bifrostlogen nr 13, Södertälje
  • Stockholms Grosshandelssocietet
  • The National Heritage Board
  • The State Maritime and Transport History Museums
  • Valve technology in Motala
  • Otto, Södertälje
  • CheckProof
  • Marina Educational Centre
  • NjordX Stockholm AB

If you also want to be involved in preserving a cultural treasure, send an email to our office

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