Chartra Ejdern

You can charter the Ejdern for a few hours or a whole day. We can seat 24 guests on the aft deck. If you want to have a mingle party, around 40 guests is a good number, although we can take 85 guests. We can arrange catering and you bring your own stronger drinks. You can choose one of our destinations or we can tailor something for you.

Destinations and prices

Up to four hours 15 000 SEK. For example, lunch at Kaggeholm Castle Café (Helgö).

Between four and eight hours 25 000 SEK. Then a trip to Birka, Taxinge, Mariefred, Engsholm Castle, Mälsåker Castle, Sturehov Castle, Skansholmen Sjökrog & Bistro or Oaxen can be a nice outing.

Up to fourteen hours 32 000 SEK. If you want to take care of your guests for a whole day, we can suggest Stallarholmen, Strängnäs or Stockholm.


Contact the office via mail or phone 08 550 110 20 and we'll sort it out.

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